Thursday, June 17, 2004
Buchanan writes anti-Bush book
Yes my friends even the conservatives say this President must go, and must go in a timely manner.

Excerpt from the article
The Thomas Dunne imprint of St. Martin's Press has agreed to pay around $500,000 to Pat Buchanan for an anti-Dubya book to be called "Where the Right Went Wrong."

The proto-conservative will blast the Bush Administration for behaviors both domestic and foreign. He is particularly scornful of the U.S. foreign policy that has "ignited a war of civilizations" with the Islamic world.

Publishing insiders say Buchanan's thoughts on the 43rd president are surprisingly out of character.

"They could put Michael Moore on the jacket of this book, and people would believe he wrote it," one said.

The deal for world, audio and serial rights was made with Buchanan's longtime agent, Fredricka Friedman.

"Where the Right Went Wrong" is scheduled to go on sale in early August, to coincide with the start of the Republican National Convention — at which Buchanan will be a commentator for MSNBC.

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