Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Coors Ban Revived
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candidacy for Ben Nighthorse Campbell's senate seat has many gays and union members boycotting Coors products. "Every time they (the campaign) make a move, it gains new energy," said Howard Wallace of San Francisco, who started the boycott in 1974 with gay politician Harvey Milk.

The boycott began as a protest of the Coors Brewing Co.'s anti-union position, and quickly grew to include gay outrage over company lie-detector tests that asked whether prospective employees were homosexual. Pete Coors has angered the gay community with his support for a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. Pete Coors and the company have issued statements stressing their independence of each other. The message doesn't seem to be getting across.

"Profits from the Coors companies flow substantially to members of the Coors family . . . (which) continues to be a major supporter of right-wing homophobes," the ad reads. "Every time you buy a Coors product, you're helping to fund some of the (gay) community's worst enemies."

Makes you think.........

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