Thursday, June 24, 2004
Denver's voice of sensibility Enid Goldstein
We love you Enid.
<$From the North Fulton Democrats

Enid Goldstein began her talk radio career at San Francisco’s legendary KGO Radio. Before her arrival in Denver, she hosted talk shows at top stations in New York (WEVD), Los Angeles (KFI, KMPC), Chicago (WGN), Boston (WRKO), Washington DC (WMAL), Seattle (KIRO, KOMO), Philadelphia and Dallas.

Now that we know her history lets talk about why I am writing this.

All of that is fine, but I must say that after spending the past few days in Denver, unfortunately I am home now. I truly have become a fan of Ms. Goldstein. She is smart, witty, and willing to speak her mind. She puts "Dickie" in his place, while still showing compassion for him. I will tune into Enid everytime that I am in Denver, and recommend that anyone that either lives there or travels there listens to Denver's voice of sensibility. So Ms. Goldstein, here's to you. Keep the faith and the voice. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary.

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