Friday, June 11, 2004
Dog Scare "policy" of U.S. In Iraq
US military dog handlers at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison say they were ordered to use their animals to intimidate detainees, according to media reports.

They made the allegation in statements provided to military investigators, the Washington Post newspaper says.

The handlers also said the jail's top military intelligence officer had approved the tactic, the paper reports.

Pentagon officials have said abuses at Abu Ghraib were confined to a small group of military police soldiers.

The newspaper says that in their sworn statements, Sgts Michael Smith and Santos Cardona - US army dog handlers assigned to Abu Ghraib - told investigators that military intelligence personnel requested that they bring their unmuzzled dogs to prison interrogation sites on several occasions in December and January.

They said Col Thomas Pappas, who was in charge of military intelligence at the prison, told both of them that the use of dogs in interrogations had been approved, according to the paper.

Makes me wonder who was really in charge

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