Tuesday, June 08, 2004
GOP Pays for Nader's AZ Ballot drive
GOP Pays for Nader's AZ ballot drive

<$Arizona Republic Reports$>
that the Republican Party is paying for Ralph Nader's ballot drive. GOP consultant Nathan Sproul is being investigated for campaign tactics that would certainly tarnish the party's reputation in national and state politics. Sproul claims that he is innocent. Here is a quote from Sproul.
"I'm not being paid by anybody to do petitions (for Nader), and I've not paid anybody to do petitions," said Sproul, who served for three years as executive director of the state GOP before going into political consulting and management in 2002.

In a news release, state Democratic Chairman Jim Pederson said his party has found "mounting evidence" that Sproul "is the primary source of money" for paying petition circulators in support of the consumer advocate.

"Over the last several days, we have received information that strongly suggests a coordinated, highly funded secret effort by the Bush campaign, Christian right and others (to put Nader on the ballot)," the Democrats' statement said.

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