Saturday, June 19, 2004
Missisippi Man found lynched
A must read for everyone.
From Makes me Ralph

A brother named Roy Veal, has been lynched in Mississippi on Friday April 28, 2004. Roy lived in Seattle and had gone to Mississippi to help his family secure their property that a white man was trying to take from them (oil was found on the land). Please circulate this article to your list, to people you know who have list and the media. This need¹s national and international media coverage ASAP. Roy was a Vietnam veteran found hanging from a Mississippi tree. For more information people can call the Sheriff Pip Jackson, of the Wilkerson county Mississippi Sheriff's office. The sheriff is black. His number is: 601 888-3511. They are not giving up much information but should still be flooded with calls demanding a federal investigation.

Veal's body was found April 23 hanging from a tree with a pillow case on his head
along a secluded dirt road near his mother's house in Donegal.

There is something sure fishy about the Coroner's conclusion of suicide. If I was going to kill myself, I doubt that I would walk down the road to do it.

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