Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Pistons / John Kerry a year of the Underdog
Thanks to Kos and Aexia for pointing this out

Anyone notice the similarities between the Finals and the Presidential election this year? Everyone expected the Lakers (Bush) to coast to an easy victory, no matter who emerged from the Eastern Conference (Democratic party). The Pistons (Kerry) comes out of it to the surprise of many. The Bush administration, who have successfully worked the refs (press) for years, suddenly start getting called on their fouls (fouls) and their fans (supporters) whine not realizing how good they've had it. Everyone keeps saying the Bush administration is going to bring their A game Osama/Diebold/Dirty tricks ANY DAY NOW and win easily in the end. Commentators (Pundits) are quick to pin the current state of the race as being Bush losing rather than Kerry winning. But I think by the end of this, we're going to see that great defense can win championships.

Very Well said guys.

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