Thursday, June 17, 2004
What happens to good people when they go to Iraq?
U.S. officer to be charged with murder

The Army has decided to charge a 1st Armored Division officer with murder in the May 21 death of an Iraqi civilian who was wounded during a high-speed chase, then shot again at close range, an Army official said Wednesday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the Army's Criminal Investigation Division has not yet publicly announced its decision, said the 1st Armored captain will be charged soon.

In its announcement, Central Command said the driver of an Iraqi vehicle in a motorcade was seriously wounded and a passenger was less seriously wounded when U.S. troops opened fire near the city of Kufa. It said initial reports indicated that the wounded driver was then shot at close range by a U.S. soldier and died.

The Army official who said Wednesday that a 1st Armored Division officer would be charged with murder in the case said the soldier reportedly shot the badly wounded man to end his suffering.

My thoughts
Now Where in the hell did he get the idea to shoot him? It is as if the Iraqi was a deer that had been hit by a truck on a highway and the officer were the game warden. Perhaps I am wrong but that kind of stuff usually does not happen here in the U.S. If you hit someone with a vehicle you generally do not shoot them. You probably would call for help. Just a thought.

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