Thursday, July 29, 2004
Posting Light for a Little While
I am taking some time to do things I want to do.  Which unfortunately for you my friends, that means that I am rarely available to blog during normal blogging hours.  I would have posted something last night but I guess when one has not slept for 48 hrs and one gets home at 2:20am one should go to bed not try to blog. 

Some of you may be asking.  So Jess who is she?  We will call her M.  She is a good girl, probably too good for me.  More later.

Hope is On the Way
What a wonderful speech and thought.  John Edwards in my humble opinion was the best choice Kerry could have made.  I missed it but heard excerpts of the Reverend Al's speech.  He certainly is a good speaker.  So today I know that hope is on the way.  Please keep it in mind as you go through your day and travels.  Links to convention blogging below

These are just a few of manay of the great bloggers at the DNC.   I am sure that I have left off some of the best.  This was shearly unintentional.  Any comments on others are appreciated.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Ex Pats Get Out the Vote Worldwide
This story does my heart good.  I am glad to see that this is getting reported here.  These people do indeed feel the ramifications of the reckless cowboys policies daily.  It certainly is good to hear about dissent in all shapes and sizes.  It is originally from USA Today.

Atrios' Night in Boston
It sounds to me as though Atrios had a good time last night and this morning early.  Damn I wish I was in Boston.  Link in headline and below.

Monday, July 26, 2004
A Rarity in Sports Today
Maybe I am just a pessimist but this seems a little too good (or strange) to be true.  I truly wish the Christie's the best of luck but damn, they appear to me to have some issues.  What would I know I have never been married and have a hard time making a relationship last more than a weekend.    Like I say, good luck to Doug and Jackie Christie.  Link in headline. 

Rasmussen's Electoral College Counter Poll
Based Upon Most Recent Rasmussen Reports Survey Data and Election 2000 Results
Electoral College
2004 Projected
Toss up

Kenyon Martin Now a Nugget
K-Mart is stocking the shelves and getting ready to open for business in Denver.  It looks like the Western Conference will be completely different this year.  I know it is late and old news but I have been busy.

Sunday, July 25, 2004
The Funniest Site I Have Ever Seen
I have literally been on this site ( for four hours.  I have laughed so hard at times that I have had tears coming out of my eyes.  Thanks to Unablogger for the link and the eye candy on his site.  Link directly to tucker at the top Unablogger below.

Lance Armstrong Wins Record 6th Tour De France
I tip my hat to you Mr. Armstrong.  What a wonderful inspiration to all of us.  Thank you for your story and for giving all of us hope, that yes we can overcome our fears and obstacles.  Perhaps the greatest feat in modern sports history.  Link to yahoo article in headline and below.

Latest #s from Rasmussen
Election 2004
Presidential Ballot
Not Sure

Tom Burka Makes History from the DNC
Follow this link to hear the first broadcast of a blogger from the convention in audio.

Saturday, July 24, 2004
Jenna and Babs Online Chat.... Yeah Right
From Wonkette, This has to be Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman answering these questions.

Lance Wins Yet Another Stage, Victory Looks Probable
Lance Armstrong looks as though he has secured a record sixth victory of the Tour De France.  What a remarkable man and remarkable story.  Link in headline.

We Have Changed
Let me know what you think of the changes to the Website.  I like it better, but, of course would like to hear your opinions.  Well, keep me informed.  I hear the golfcourse calling.

Bush Guard Records Found.
Must have been misfiled.  Yeah right.  From Blue Lemur.

NY City Police, Firefighters To Picket GOP Events
Not really a surprise when you think about what this GOP administration has done for these good people.  Who could blame them.   I get tired of empty promises myself.  Link in the headline.

International Sex Ring Discovered in Vermont
Vermont?  Vermont ?  Who would have thought it.  What a strange place we live in.

Edwards May Not Return To NPR
Bob Edwards is considering other offers.  Sad day for NPR.

Friday, July 23, 2004
Theyre all Gonna Laugh at You
You ever have the feeling that you are doing something funny to others yet you can not figure it out?  That happened to me today at lunch.  Very strange. 

Great Line from Letterman
"The Bush administration may postpone the November election if there's a terrorist attack. If there's a terrorist attack, they may postpone the election. Or, they'll postpone it if there's scattered showers."
"Republicans say they don't want the terrorists to determine the election. No they want the governor of Florida to determine the election"
— David Letterman

Thanks to Newmexiken for the link.

What a Beautiful Map
Looks good for Sen. Kerry.  I hope he can keep the momentum his way.  Even AZ is Kerry.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in July.

Free breast enhancements for female soldiers
Be all that you can be.  an army of one or perhaps two?  Thanks to Richard Cranium for the link.  Link to yahoo story on top Richard on the bottom.

Kerry Endorsements
Here is a Partial list of endorsements for Big John.   Ya gotta love it.  Some high power names in here.  From project vote smart .

Kucinich Endorses Kerry
Thanks, Dennis we look forward to hearing you speak at the Convention.  You have brought forth a lot of issues that we all hope Sen. Kerry will address.

Cheney probed by yet another grand jury, this time for Iran dealings
I have mentioned other investigations into the former CEO of Halliburton, but he somehow retains his job as Vice President of the Leader of the free world.

Annan rejects Bush claim that world is a safer place
Kofi tells it like it is.  Why this gets no coverage here is beyond me.

The peace president?
I am just floored by Bush's comments.  I think Molly Ivins says it best.  Link above and below.

Kerry leads in swing states nationwide
Not a big surprise to me, but..... Kerry is ahead in key swing states 47% to 41.%  From Bloomberg

Kerry gets southern bounce
It looks like we are all tied in TN.  Thanks to Travis for the link.

Thursday, July 22, 2004
Now this is strange
This would make Karl Rove and the rest of the neocons so proud... censorship in Salt Lake.,1249,595078785,00.html

Dodge logo
This is interesting.  I guess it takes a female perspective to see these things.  Thanks to Kate Storm from the all spin zone for pointing this out.

Latest #s from Rasmussen
We are back ahead.

Election 2004
Presidential Ballot
Not Sure

My thoughts for today
I was at the Gym tonight after finishing my work out I went to the sauna.  As I sat in the heated room letting my mind and thoughts wander.

I heard the door open.  No big deal, I thought just keep your head in your hands and he will see that you are not in a talkative mood.  Not a second later this unknown person whom I still have not looked at asks me "How are you?"  I looked up and responded with a "fine and yourself?"   He said that he was "ok" and that he was "Living well."  I said that is good and thought that this must be getting near the end of the conversation. 

He then asked me, "do you know why I am living so well?"  I figured oh no, not a bible thumper.  Now you have to understand that I respect people of all religions and hope that each of them finds enlightenment, or perhaps just the smile they are looking for.  But I was in absolutely no kind of mood to hear a sermon in the sauna.  He then went on a rant about people living beyond their means and stereotypes of the modern male.  He said that he does dishes and cooks better than his wife.  He said he may be considered a "girlie man" by the Gov. Of California but that he is indeed a good man, a loving husband, and a fairly good pool player. 

This got me to thinking.  Have I become someone that stereotypes people?  I had him pegged for a bible thumper or vacuum cleaner salesman the first minute, yet he was a very enlightened individual that had found happiness and was willing to share it with other people. 

Concert ticket sales down
From iamcorrect - What an enjoyable Blog glad to have found it.

The concert industry is struggling this year, big time. It has been struggling for years, but this year is the worst. CNN reports "People aren't buying tickets. For whatever reason, ticket sales dried up around the middle of April -- it was widespread across the industry". Gee, why in the world could this be happening, I thought to myself. Perhaps it is the recession, and many... if not all... of my generation (x) struggling to stay employed. Perhaps with gas at $2 a gallon we might have less discretionary income. But then the answer came to me... in the same article... that safely explains the trends of people not going to concerts anymore - "The average price of a ticket shot up from $26.05 in 1995 to $50.35 last year, according to Pollstar." Well, if the problem were that simple, it wouldn't take a monkey typing at typewriter to lure concert fans back... just lower prices, right?

There is a lot more go read it.  Link at top.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Casino fires Ronstadt for Moore Support
The Aladdin Casino on the Las Vegas Strip has fired aging country singer Linda Ronstadt for exercising her right to free speech.  Ronstadt dedicated the song desperado to filmmaker Michael Moore, and as soon after checked out by the hotel and asked not to return.  A sad day for our constitution IMHO.  Check out the link at the top.

Neocons Riot in Capitol
Really this is not far from the truth.  Link at top.

A People's forum
This comes from the nation it talks about the DNC forum for 04 and beyond.  Link at the top.

Kos Saves the Day for us again
Kos is not only a great american but a great friend to all that get tired of logging into news paper websites.  His solution use his login.  Makes good sense to me.  Thanks Kos

From Kos...
More and more news publications are putting up registration pages. Whenever I encounter such a page, I create an account that you are all welcome to share. It's either:
Login: dailykosPassword: dailykos
or if the login is an email address, then
Login: kos@dailykos.comPassword: dailykos

Thomas Oliphant on Big John
I liked this piece it profiled and said many things that for me were hard to put into words.  There is no easy stereotypes and people should look at that as well as everything else that the neo cons have done.  Lets hope that the Honorable Senatopr from Mass.  is indeed delivering his inaugural speech in January of 05.

Armstrong back in yellow jersey
Oh a what falmiliar and beautiful site.  Good job Lance we love you back in the states.  What a great story.  Link at the top.

Friday, July 16, 2004
Mary Beth Cahill to Mehlman
A letter of challenge to our friends in the Bush camp.

An inspiration
The American Dream John Edwards is an inspiration to all of us that dream big and work small.  He is truly the quintessential think globally act locally type politician. 

Monday, July 12, 2004
Funny shit
Thanks to our friend Richard Craanium for the link. You have to love "The All Spin Zone."
Swing state swing
My day job which includes extensive travel takes me through a lot of "swing" states. I was in CO last week AZ, NM, and TX which I know is not an official battleground but we can hope, this week. I will finish my trip in Flagstaff Arizona which is strong Kerry Country. So all I can say is lets bring Christmas a little early, like say November 2nd. I will talk to people, will you? I will make a change, will you? It is as Edward Abbey once said "sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." Link to Rainstorn at the top for the latest take on the intelligence community, as well as a lot of other fun stuff.

George W. Bush country?
Today as I drove through El Paso, TX I saw a sight that made me smile. El Paso is still in Texas even if it is as far as you can go to the west. El Paso is also the home of Ft. Bliss. This by all accounts should be Bush country. Yet I counted 12 cars with Kerry bumperstickers and only 1 Bush. This may be coinsidental but it seems as if Bush may be losing ground here. Granted a lot of the population are hispanic but a lot of soldiers still call this home as well. One car a Hyundai obviously a soldiers car(army sticker) proudly flew a Kerry / Edwards sticker. That is more updated than I am even. So despite what Hannity and Rush would like for us to believe, the military supports our guys.
Sunday, July 11, 2004
No links...just Jess pouring out his heart and soul
"It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity" Albert Einstein

"The reward for work well done is the oppurtunity to do more."
Jonas Salk M.D.

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