Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Walk With Beauty - Recycling My First ever Blogger Post
My first ever post in blogger. I seemed smarter in May.

Walk with beauty

I spent the past weekend at Canyon De Chelley National Monument. There is a video in the visitor center that talks about the Navajo Indian tribe's traditions and ways. The Navajo's life is based around harmony or balance if you will. I believe that when we achieve that balance we find happiness. Politics - Lets get them out of the way first.

We are at war in Iraq. The conflict in Iraq is called Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are over there to fight a war that I do not understand the reasons for. I have a hard time justifying it in my mind when nearly 800 (now close to 1000) American troops are dead and all we have is Saddam Hussein in a jail cell in an undisclosed location. Some people would argue that he was a tyrant, well IMHO the imprisonment of a tyrant was not worth the bloodshed that we and our coalition partners have endured. I heard somewhere on the radio or television that the Geneva Convention does not apply because we have not officially declared war. I find this argument very weak because our president has not only included Iraq in his war on terror, (some would say unjustly, I have no opinion on this matter) but he went on Meet the Press with Tim Russert and said that he was a "War President." I feel that our leadership has forgotten the golden rule which states, "Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you." We need to come back to our allies and friends with our hats in our hands and apologize, we would demand nothing less of them. We have "liberated" Iraq now we need to get out. Let the people make there own way. If the French had stuck around after the Revolutionary War and insisted on helping us to write our constitution, and told us how we were going to run our country, I believe that a second revolutionary war would have been fought this time against the French.

The point that I am making is we helped the people of Iraq to free themselves now we must let the cards fall how they will and let leadership come from where they choose it to come from. We can not force Paul Bremmer's brand of leadership down the throats of people in Iraq.National Park Rules and how They Apply to Every Day Life.As I mentioned before I just returned from a weekend at Canyon De Chelley National Monument so these rules are fresh in my head. These rules apply if you are running a country, a company, a household, or just about anything else.

Rule # 1 -
Pack out what you pack in. Interpretation - Fix the problems that you create. It may be easier to dig a hole and bury it but when the flood comes the problems return to the surface.

Rule # 2 - Carry plenty of water.Interpretation - Plan ahead. It is not fun to be thirsty, whether on a trail or for another part of life.

Rule # 3 - All rocks and plantlife are protected.Interpretation - Take care of what is around you, you may not be given any more. Whether it is people or resources, the principle applies.

Rule # 4 - No motorized vehicles beyond this point.Interpretation - Yes we probably could make it up that hill in our SUV. Before we go we must ponder the question, Why is that sign there in the first place? Why is there not a road to begin with? The reason usually has do to with the protection of something, maybe even ourselves. We may make it fine or we may top off over the hill and find only a sheer cliff face. If one was walking or exploring the area gently they have a far greater chance at survival. Some will argue that we must pioneer, or move forward and that vehicles are the 21st century horses. To that I quote cowboy artist Charles Marion Russell from John Hutchen's "One Man's Montana." " I have been called a pioneer. In my book a pioneer is a man who comes to virgin country, traps off all the furs, kills off all the wild meat, cuts down all the trees, grazes down all the grass, plows the roots up, and string ten million miles of wire. A pioneer destroys things and calls it civilization." We need to strive to fill voids and needs in our society, but not forget to replant the seeds for future growth by entrepreneurship, using resources sparingly.

Rule # 5 - Do not remove artifacts / Do not climb on ruins. Interpretation - Do not take what is not yours, or abuse other people's property.Patriotism - We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.As I was throwing out some garbage last night at my camp site I noticed an American Flag in the trash barrel. I went about my business but the thought of that flag in such an honorless position bothered me. So later on I went over and picked it out of the trash. It was a little old but not worn out. I put this flag on my car for the night and pondered why someone would throw it away. I guess part of the reason that this bothered me so much was all the veterans that have died in previous wars and are dying in the middle east for the love of a country which this flag symbolizes. I recently went with my dad to help him with the affairs from his dad's passing. His dad in the end had very few possessions left but kept his uniforms from his days in the Marine Corps. That is love, to hang onto something through countless moves and countless possessions that were no longer needed being cast aside, That uniform stayed with him. I feel that if duty to his country had called, up to the last day, that he felt that he was ready and kept his uniform just in case.

American Workaholic Lifestyle
While spending a lot of recent time at various National Parks and Monuments, I have affirmed that we as American people have very little time to enjoy what is in our backyards. We are forced into the belief that the only way to get ahead is to work a sixty or seventy hour work week. I have been a slave to these beliefs as well until recently. Recently I realized that as hard as I worked the emptiness did not go away. I had plenty of money but not much time to do anything else. So I had a little disagreement with the company that used to hold my employee number (5815) over my head, and have set myself free. I am doing consulting now and my new employee # is one. Back to the point I was making earlier, the majority of people you see in these American treasures known as national parks are not American. They are from The U.K., Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Paraguay, and this is just a list of people that I met there were hundreds more that I did not meet. We have become an obese society partially because we hardly have time to cook, and when we do nobody has time to eat. It is far easier to pick up a bacon cheeseburger and fries then it is to get a family or a group of friends together. We as a society need to work on this for our physical and spiritual health. There is no answer that works carte blanche across the board, a good start might be going and picking up salad and eating it at the park, then when dinner is finished take a walk. You will soon see energy levels pick up. Edward Abbey once wrote about life and the river, (it is)"best to launch (the boat) with or without life jackets, keep your matches dry, and pray for the best." I can honestly say that the views from most wilderness areas are far superior to the view from my apartment.

I am not an environmentalist per say, I have worked my whole career in industrial and pipeline construction. Industries that are far from where you would find a standard environmentalist. I understand that we need power for electricity, oil for automobiles, natural gas for heat, copper for tubing, and gold for necklaces. How many of us could give up our Sport Utility Vehicles to drive a subcompact or trade our lights for kerosene? Chances are, not too many. So we have too work to make the environment better. The technology is there but because we have very few rules mandating how these processes are regulated and implemented, most owners will not spend the money installing and maintaining the technology until it is forced upon them by legislation and strict enforcement. We need to pass these laws. I believe that we should preserve the few natural places we have left most of them being government owned entities. We should not drill oil on the A.N.W.R. for what the returns would be the price that we would pay in the loss of the unspoiled habitat would be unforgivable in the eyes of future generations. I feel that we should keep Grand Staircase Escalante a National Monument and there for protected, regardless of the oil reserves under there. How would we ever be able to look our nieces and nephews in the eye if we had sold out their natural resources before they were born?

Monday, August 30, 2004
Mystery Solved
The Scream has been located. Very unlikely place.

Makes You Think
Best quote of the day. From Andy Borowitz.

Elsewhere, President Bush created 200,000 new jobs in July, most of them in
the field of negative ad production.

We Are Lucky To Have A True Patriot Like The General In our Midst
It is official. General J.C. Christian Patriot is the king of the "patriots" in the blogosphere. I believe I would have to stand on two chairs just to kiss his ass. His balls are so big that he must need a wheelbarrow to carry them. All I can say is that we are not worthy. He has now written a letter to Ariel Sharon.

Gear for Neocons Wow!!!
Matthew Good from this side that side points out a new website that sells clothes for conservatives. No not suits, such thing as Reagan 84 teeshirts and hoodies. All I can say say is wow. Or unbelievable works to I guess.

You folks have got to see this.

Matt says.

It’s not uncommon on many right-wing sites to find adverts for clothing and
other items. For example, The
Casual Conservative
, which features outer wear fit for any American

(I would love to sit down and explain to the young man wearing the Reagan t-shit what Mr. Reagan's government was up to in 1984, but I have a feeling it would fall on deaf ears. Though, as a suggestion to The Casual Conservative, they should place a picture of the World Trade Center on the back of that shirt along with the worlds: Reagan's Policies 2001)


Friday, August 27, 2004
Take a Moment Read This Please
Sitting in my office reading TBogg's entry on his father's passing brought goosebumps to my skin. He is so eloquent on a tough issue. Thanks to TBogg for giving a whole new prospective to me and all my readers that follow the link in his name. Please, it is well worth the 5 minutes that it takes to read, and may help you with some pain in your own lives.

P.S. - I promise I will get more stories posted this weekend.... Like I have said before the truth is better than any fiction I could write.

A Beltway Blog Worth Reading
Holy shit.... Jess likes a beltway blog? Your kidding..... no I do, and it is a quiet one that gets very little of the press the big boys get. Squeaks from a Squirrel Cage is great.
Travis recommends another one New Donkey, I guess I never have read many beltway blogs but both are quite good.

Thursday, August 26, 2004
Thanks Travis
Thanks to Travis from Rainstorm for feeling sorry for me, and teaching me how to Hyperlink. Travis has a great blog full of insight that only a former military man could have. Well worth the read.

Here is a quote from Travis' website.
"You can not piss in my boot and tell me that it is a rainstorm."
Anonymous U.S. Calvary Officer

Great Read
I discovered a wonderful blog today. It is called Mr. Babylon. It is the stories of a young high school teacher in the Bronx. Well worth reading and adding to blogroll. Thanks to Nick from Tea for One for the link.

Best Decision The International Olympic Commitee Ever Made
You have to love Beach Volleyball or at least I do.
Courtesy of the Fulcrum.

Welcome to Crawford
Max Cleland and Jim Rassman attempted to deliver a letter to our leader. They were turned back by the secret service, while our leader cowered in the back of his ranch house. Thanks to Mrs. Atrios for the link.

Nick Swan from Heart of The Sunrise says it best. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Daily Thoughts - Hope These Help
"It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity."
Albert Einstein

"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul."
Edward Abbey

"The reward for work well done, is the opportunity to do more."
Jonas Salk M.D.

"If you live by the gun then you die by the gun."
Tupac Shakur

"My favorite part of the game is the oppurtunity to play."
Mike Singletary

"There is no I in team. Yet there is three in individual."

"Every time you are not practicing someone else is."
Boris Becker

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities"
Arnay Janos

Poll At The Bottom of Page
If you have a free second please vote in the poll at the bottom of the page. Right now it is Kerry 15 Field 0.

My First Prairie Fire
One summer when I was 20. I went to work for a pipeline contractor, in purchasing on a job in Northwestern, CO. Well , I arrive. The project has been started for two weeks. I fall into my part of the project.

One night the Project Manager decided that he knew the people in the local bar well enough that if I were with him I would get served. We formulate a plan for Friday evening. So Friday rolls around and we head down to the bar.

We arrive, go in and get served. We were having a good time, drinking, laughing, cutting up, etc. They then ask me if I want to have a "prairie fire." I agree and thinking nothing of it. Now at the time I had no idea what a prairie fire was ( tequila and tabasco) let alone how bad it was. So the bartender brings over my tequila shot with a slight orange tint to it. I take it, throw it back, no problem. Then they ask me if I want to go for the record. In my drunken stupor I agree.

The record for the bar was thirteen drops of tabasco. I said "lets do fourteen." So they drop 14 drops in my shot. I take it throw it back no problem. I am now beginning to get stupidly brave. I now want to double my own record. At this point the whole bar is gathered around watching. I take the drink in my hand throw it back, and oh no, my head is spinning. My stomach is churning. I DO NOT KNOW WHICH TO TAKE CARE OF FIRST. I just know that I need to go to the bathroom. I am running cold water all over my face. I literally have my head underneath the faucet.

I am feeling better. I tell the Project Manager that I am going to walk back to my hotel. He says "OK." I start off on the mile or so walk, careful to avoid the mainstreet. I do not want to be run over, or seen swaying by the police. I am walking down this alley, doing my thing making good time. I finally make it back to my hotel. I spent the rest of my night, with a trash can in one hand pepto bismol in the other and sitting on the toilet. My advise to you, do not attempt to set any records with tequila and tabasco. They are not worth it.

P.S. - The next day I went to breakfast with my girlfriend at the times father, whom I worked with. Unknowingly I put tabasco on my eggs, mostly out of habit. Before I get take a bite, I was reminded by the putrid smell of tabasco about the night before. Since then I have not eaten much tabasco or drunk much tequila. Somethings a person just can not forget.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
A Great idea
How many times have you bought Blue Blocker Sunglasses on the internet at 3:00 AM?
Time activated breathalyzers on your credit cards. A genuine great idea.

Friday, August 20, 2004
Leave It To The General
Gen. J.C. Christian Patriot, writes excellent letter to a concerned citizen in Chicago. Next time I am in Utah, I have to meet this guy. He is hilarious.

Dishbreaker Leaves Voicemail
"Hey Jesse, this is ***** , hope all is well with you. Do you have any plans for this weekend? I was hoping that maybe we could get together. We were like good and all. Well you can call me anytime. Hey if its not too much to ask, can I like buy you a drink or something? "

Now, lets dissect her message line by line.
D: = Dishbreaker
JA:= Jess's analysis

D: Hey Jesse, this is ******
JA: No shit, that is why I did not answer it when I saw your number on caller ID.

D: Hope all is well with you
JA: You have not seen my obituary, so its all right.

D: Do you have any plans for the weekend?
JA: Yes, but none of them involve my new set of dishes.

D: I was hoping that maybe we could get together.
JA: Well as the father in "Grumpy Old Men" said "You can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first. "

D: We were like good and all.
JA: Yes you sure know how to leave a lasting impression. It has been said that I like drama but damn this girl should be on Broadway.

D: Well, you can call me anytime
JA: No, as you are well aware I took your number out of my phone.

D: Hey, if it's not too much to ask, can I like buy you a drink or something?
JA: You are the one that said I had a drinking problem, now you want to buy me a drink. Oy, I give up!

This time when she called I programmed her number into my phone with the name Don't answer. It could save me a lot of trouble, from drunk answering.

Chris Matthews Coming Around?
Some have argued to make Matthews ( http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5765243/) an honorary Democrat. I will not go quite that far, but will suggest that Matthews be held in a little less contempt. So there you have it, yes my opinion. Chris Matthews the liberal? I doubt it. I think Matthews bullshit detector finally maxed out and he could not take Michelle Malkin any more. Thanks to Atrios for the link. (http://atrios.blogspot.com/2004_08_15_atrios_archive.html#109301511350401425)

Jon Stewart Nails Em Again.
Ya gotta love Jon Stewart of the Daily Show (http://www.thedailyshow.com/mp/play.php?reposid=/multimedia/tds/headlines/9016.html.) He single handedly, with one great line discredited the "swiftees" or Swiftboat Veterans for Truth (http://www.swiftvets.com)

Commercial intro:
4 different SBVFT each say "I served with John Kerry"

"These are powerful indictments -- or rather, they would be, had any of these guys served on Kerry's Boat. You see, by "serving with Kerry" they mean they were in Viet Nam the time. Kinda the way Snoopy "served" with the Red Barron . . ."

Thanks to Matt Stoller of BOP (http://www.bopnews.com/archives/001334.html#1334) for the heads up.

Tea for One
Well, it looks like we have made some new friends. Tea for One has added us to their blogroll.

I must remember the original blog that linked to us, our blogfather so to speak. Rainstorm

So I hope all of the life or something like it readers go and check out Tea for One. Nick is an apiring author or writer that writes very well. He has some fun stuff in there, my only question to him is, why are the dates in Spanish? I am only joking. Go check it out.

Thursday, August 19, 2004
Sitemeter not Working Correctly
Sitemeter is not working properly. It seems that all of my referrals are now unknown. Are any other amateur bloggers having trouble with this? If any wants to help me learn how to do HTML, I am all ears. Let me know if you have any idea what to do about site meter.

October Surprise
What will the October surprise be? What will Bush do to assure that he wins the election. The obvious choice of course is Bin Laden. Matt Stoller at my dd reports that the Pakistanis, or as Bush called them once Pakis (very insulting to them) are getting closer to him. http://www.mydd.com/story/2004/8/19/85155/0906

I heard another theory last night that is not being reported at all by the mainstream media. This theory was that Bush will announce that they have indeed found life on Mars. When I say life I do not mean little green men, what I am saying is that microbes have been found.

Now why does this matter? I really could not tell you but I know that a lot of people hold a romantic notion regarding life on other planets. One example of this is that the governor of New Mexico is now looking at doing an official probe into the "Roswell Incident."

I digress. I guess what is making these crazy thoughts come to my head are Bush's crazy statements in the state of the union address. We are going to Mars. It struck me as strange when I heard him say it, that, and last nights Coast to Coast AM. http://www.coasttocoastam.com (yes I do suffer from insomnia at times.) It possibly would appeal to every man and woman to let people know that there is life out there. Hey it worked for Kennedy.

I wondered are these guys really going to try and do this? Karl Roves Spin machine must be working full time. The scientist has disappeared... All the makings of a great Roveian story.

So maybe I am running on too little sleep. Maybe I am just crazy. Maybe I am laughing as I write this post. Well You read this far you may as well look at this link. It might make better since to some of you. http://www.enterprisemission.com/amonia.htm

Colorado EV Questions
Bruce Bartlett

Of townhall believes that Colorado could and possibly will sway the election to John Kerry, by possibly splitting the state's electoral votes(referendum will be on Nov. Ballot). I have heard a lot of arguments on both sides, and been asked to weigh in on this by one of my 7 readers. Well, ok. I guess I take this issue a little more personally than say a talking head in Washington might, or someone in another state. I currently work in New Mexico but my residence as well as my heart are in Colorado.

Now, a lot of democrats were in favor of this when the state was red, or Bush was ahead. Now it seems if we are rethinking this strategy, since it has gone from solid red to white or tie with both candidates polling at 47%. http://www.electoral-vote.com Now it seems as if the GOP are looking at this model and pondering if it would not be best to get something out of Colorado instead of nothing.

My opinion, which may not be popular with some people, is split them. I know we live in a "republic" not a "democracy" but regardless of the presidential outcome this year, I would like my vote to count now, as well as in the future.

What is the worst that can happen? John Kerry wins Colorado but loses the election. Highly unlikely. Lets look at some possible electoral vote scenarios.

Big John 9
Dubya 0 Probably not going to happen ( We do have a district that elected Musgrave oy!)

Dubya 9
Big John 0 Lets hope not..... but it is a chance if this referendum does not get passed.

Dubya 5
Big John 4 I have heard this scenario talked about most often.

Big John 5
Dubya 4 We are hoping for this one.

Now this initiative has not been popular with all dems or leftists nor is it gaining popularity with all the gop or right wing wackos. A google search will show that not everybody agrees with me.

I know that this is not the absolute answer but, I say any chance we can have to make more votes count. We need to do this, otherwise you will get the people of my generation that are completely disenfranchised with the system as a whole. To me that is far more tragic than Dubya gaining a few electoral votes. My only hope is that Big John can pull this election off and let our voices be heard.

Travis from Rainstorm wrote an excellent post on this a couple of days ago. Link to Travis

Pandagon also made me think with this recent post

I know that Colorado Luis posted on it earlier but I can not find it, go read Luis for great insight.

Of course I can not forget the Kossacks, Jg Kojak delivers

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Why Jess No Longer Has Any Dishes
I recently went out with a psychotic woman. Nothing new they seem to be attracted to me. This one got mad because another girl called my cellphone at about 1:00 AM. This is not a big deal I thought, hell, I am not even dating this one we just went out for dinner and drinks. She suddenly got very quiet. Then I believe that I saw Satan in her eyes, really quite scary.

She was very quiet for a while then asked me if she could have a glass of water. I said no problem, that I would get it. She insisted that it was fine, and that she was an independent woman. So I let her go to the kitchen, then I hear glass break. My first thought is well she must have dropped one. Second thought oh well, its just a glass. Then more breaking, then just a huge crash. Then more crashes. I run in and she is literally breaking every dish that I have in my cupboard. Then she turns looks at me calls me an asshole and starts pulling artwork off the wall.

I am at a quandary here.... Not only do I live in a second story apartment but it is mostly seniors at the complex I am at. Time is now 2:00 AM. What to do? She then grabs liquor bottles off the counter and they go crashing to the floor. She then grabs the olive oil, crash. I have no idea what to do. I have no idea what she is going to do next either. So then she goes over to my wine rack, and those hit the floor. I think, damn, what would Tucker Max do? The strange thoughts that go through your head. I am trying to calm her down... Then my cellphone starts vibrating in my pocket again. Oh no. I am damn sure not going to answer this one. She then tipped my dresser and grabbed the last plate, that was thrown at my head. I deflected it with my arm, and sat down in disbelief.

She then told me "you will call me again, I am sure." So I took my cellphone out erased her phone number and asked her to leave. She then stated "I think you have a drinking problem." I had just met this girl. I told her that " I have a problem and she will not leave, drinking, how can I? You smashed all my alcohol." She left crying. Now maybe I am wrong but she had nothing to cry about.

I called my housekeeper at 7:00 AM and told her that I would pay her triple to come clean. She agreed. This should and would be the end of this story except that I was having lunch today with the Missing Link and Pooh Bear and she called. I of course was not answering this call period. She left me a message saying how much she missed me and all that. I hope she does not know that I am in town. Scary woman, seemed so polite when I met her.

The moral of this story is watch the polite ones with too much peppiness. You may not have dishes if you don't.

Set Out Runnin but I'll Take My Time
I will never forget the day I heard the news that Jerry Garcia had died. I was spending some time with an uncle in Flagstaff, (as a youth I did this quite frequently) We heard the news that Jerry was dead. It was a sad day for me, now keep in mind that I am not by any means your traditional Dead Head. I was born in 1979.

I am as Travis from Rainstorm put it, a new generation listener. My parents listened to it, but , being a hard headed kid I wanted nothing to do with it. I realized that night how much the songs had been background music to my life. The stories of the songs have sense gotten me down many miles of highway and through some of life's greatest difficulties.

Thanks to Travis for pointing out the day to us. Link to Rainstorm at the top.

Actual Conversation Heard in Office Next to Mine
This is verbatim of the conversation. I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

Stinky =S
Missing Link = M
Jesse= J

S: You know inbreeding is not necessarily a bad thing.
M: I agree.
S: In goats you can breed a daddy goat to his daughter, but the mother to son combination is not as good.
M: I love goat meat.
S: I will tell you another thing, every championship chicken that I have seen was inbred.
M: I ate chicken for dinner last night.
S: I raise pigs too.
S: Though, I have not found the breeding cross that is right for them.
M: Where are your pigs now?
S: At my house.
M: How big are your pigs?
S: Pretty big, I win awards for them.
M: Is it true that they sometimes ride in your truck with you to Walmart?
S: Yes ,I pick Jack the pig up after work and we run errands.
M: I don't want to ride your in your truck. I bet it stinks
S: It smells fine
J: You guys need lives

Monday, August 09, 2004
Convince a Republican to Vote Kerry
I got two today and they were Texans. That is like going Trout fishing and catching a Catfish. More to come later.....

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