Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Actual Conversation Heard in Office Next to Mine
This is verbatim of the conversation. I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

Stinky =S
Missing Link = M
Jesse= J

S: You know inbreeding is not necessarily a bad thing.
M: I agree.
S: In goats you can breed a daddy goat to his daughter, but the mother to son combination is not as good.
M: I love goat meat.
S: I will tell you another thing, every championship chicken that I have seen was inbred.
M: I ate chicken for dinner last night.
S: I raise pigs too.
S: Though, I have not found the breeding cross that is right for them.
M: Where are your pigs now?
S: At my house.
M: How big are your pigs?
S: Pretty big, I win awards for them.
M: Is it true that they sometimes ride in your truck with you to Walmart?
S: Yes ,I pick Jack the pig up after work and we run errands.
M: I don't want to ride your in your truck. I bet it stinks
S: It smells fine
J: You guys need lives

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