Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Set Out Runnin but I'll Take My Time
I will never forget the day I heard the news that Jerry Garcia had died. I was spending some time with an uncle in Flagstaff, (as a youth I did this quite frequently) We heard the news that Jerry was dead. It was a sad day for me, now keep in mind that I am not by any means your traditional Dead Head. I was born in 1979.

I am as Travis from Rainstorm put it, a new generation listener. My parents listened to it, but , being a hard headed kid I wanted nothing to do with it. I realized that night how much the songs had been background music to my life. The stories of the songs have sense gotten me down many miles of highway and through some of life's greatest difficulties.

Thanks to Travis for pointing out the day to us. Link to Rainstorm at the top.

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