Friday, September 17, 2004
Woman Vows to Eat Until She Reaches Target Weight
42 Stone or 588 pounds. Courtesy of Dave's Daily. I am an accepting person, but this would be a little much for me.

An American woman has vowed to eat non-stop until she reaches her target of
42 stone.

Nicki McRoberts currently weights more than 25 stone.

She says she wants to grow fatter each week and is takes in 14,000 calories a day, reports the Daily Mirror.

Her husband Tim Hammond has reinforced the shelves of their cupboards to take the extra food.He tells the paper that she sometimes eats a packet of crisps before having her breakfast cereal.

Nicki, who used to weigh just 10 stones, outgrows her wardrobe every month and has so far spent £3,000 on new clothes.

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