Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Alexa's take on Thursday's debate and the presidential race
Alexa, from a New York escorts confessions has written quite a post in regards to the battle for the White House.

I turned down a client appointment tonight just so that I could watch the presidential debate with my friends.

Four years ago, I didn't pay any attention to the election. I'm pretty sure that I didn't vote. I didn't even care too much about Bush stealing the election because I didn't particularly like either Bush or Gore. Although Bush is stupid, he surrounded himself with smart advisers.

Besides, how much damage could he do in four years?

Today, the mere possibility of a Bush re-election terrifies me. Watching tonight's debate, though, has given me renewed hope that we all might be able to lick Bush and beat Dick this November. For the first time, Kerry effectively bashed Bush on his record. Finally! We really need to shift the discussion from what happened 30 years ago to what happened over the last 4 years and what will happen over the next 4 years.

There's more go read it.

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