Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Busy, busy, busy
News roundup.

CA City offers Green for Green Grass program

School bans photo of boy with gun from yearbook

Professional Wrestler forgets it is fake.... stabs opponent 14 times

Minnesota police, answer call from convulsing Elvis impersonator end up in high speed chase with blues brothers look alike.

(7) No-nos of e-mail

Looking around the blogosphere

Chuck ponders adsense - IMHO a ripoff but thats just me.

Ayn Clouter talks about Liberal's double standards

Rook writes a funny post about redistricting

Charlie asks a question of competence

The General is helping Dubya prepare for tonight

Will has another one of Erica's pictures up

Will has Erica's self portrait up, which I requested.

Pika mentioned me in her blog yesterday

StoutDemBlog Writes about another electoral vote scam

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