Friday, October 08, 2004
Chapter 2 LA Lady saga.....
LA Lady and I have one problem, we sometimes refuse to communicate. I do not know if this is a decision we make intentionally or if it is buried somewhere deep in our minds. When we communicate we are great. We had a very good night last night and opened up lines of communication, the ones that we were not using.

We had a heart to heart and both realized that we cared about one another. We just need to communicate better and let the other one know when it is a bad day. I probably over analyze her behaviors and worry too much. She probably takes some of what I say a little too seriously. She is a great girl, that I enjoy my time with.

In LA Lady's defense she says that she was not hateful nor defensive. She would know better than me how she feels, so I must have misinterpreted her behaviors and actions. She hopes we do not fight about nothing anymore.

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