Monday, October 11, 2004
Crazy story from Jal, NM
Sent to me by a friend...

This guy (Olen Cecil O'Neil Jr.) has gone as far as to write future news story about his conspiracy theory, and send it to dateline, 60 Minutes, America's Most Wanted and Dr. Phil. (he must be a Phil Phan) He seems to have a chip on his shoulder one second and then wacky religous thoughts the next.

Here is the beginning of article he wrote....

This is a news story that I expect to see sometime within the next year. I have been privately investigating this for almost a year now. This has been sent to news organizations and federal agencies all over the usa. This corruption goes all the way to the governors office. Names left out include Gene Sesnum, a man named Moses who owns BMJ Trucking in Lovimgton, and his son, Jr., who is his hitman and has killed people who would not pay their drug bill. They are all exposed now.

A Future News Story

By Odessa American Staff Reporter Shaun Hendricks

(API) Jal, New Mexico-(Friday, Feb. 17, 2005) 29 people, including the current mayor, the former mayor, the current chief of police, 4 former and current city council member’s, 2 local businessmen, and other citizens, have been arrested in this small town for conspiracy to commit murder, first degree murder, wire and mail fraud, and conspiracy to import and distribute both cocaine and methamphetamine, illegal narcotics, and for engaging in organized crime and Civil Corruption.

Here he pats his own back repeatedly (can we say dillusional)
But they never considered the fiery spirits of concerned citizens like Olen O’Neil and others. If it wasn’t for Mr. O’Neil constantly calling and writing and bugging every law enforcement agency in the country, we would not be here now with these criminals under indictment and arrest. He also had investigators here from Dateline, America’s Most Wanted, and even the Dr. Phil Show.” “Louis Castillo was a fine, upstanding law enforcement officer who hated seeing these deadly drugs being brought in and sold to teenagers, high school and junior high students, and other young people in this community

God fearing comments again (if all else fails scare them with religion)
Louis Castillo’s spirit cries out for justice from beyond the grave.Can you hear him, Greg Fulfer? Do you sleep well at night, Larry Burns? And Lilo, you and your sons are getting high on coke and meth, and you have openly bragged to people around town about killing Louis. God is going to expose all of you…starting here. And I am not afraid of any of you, for the Lord God is with me. And if the Lord is with me, who can stand against me? None of you can.

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