Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Decisions, decisions, decisions
from Modern America ( a good blog, stop by and see them)

Tough choices....
Top Ten Republican Choices in Life
1. Mercedes or a Bentley...?
2. How to get daddy's approval...?
3. Which Ivy League school to buy my way into...?
4. How to lie more effectively...?
5. How to appear less sophisticated...?
6. How to get richer....?
7. How to get richer..?
8. How to screw over the middle class....?
9. How to appear like a church going, working man...?
10. How to pass debt as a positive economic turn around...?

This list is here to add some humor to the situtation, however I would like to point out number 5 and number 9 briefly. These two are crucial to this presidential election in terms of voter choice. Bush (a multi millionaire) has played this role of a non-sophisticated, everyday, middle class citizen that has had to struggle in life. Thats simply not the case, while the rest of us were shoveling dirt because our homes or small business's were flooded out, Bush was enjoying the life of a idiot prince all at daddy's expense.

No matter how much he charms with his southern accent or appears to be fighting for the working man he is giving us the shaft in more ways than one. We cannot allow this Donald Trump to appear as if he worked in the coal mines his whole life....where is the free press..our immune system to lies and deceit....liberal media my ass.

Kerry is under no illusions that he is a person that has had to struggle in the middle class or fight his way through life without finanical means, yet he has an understanding, a respect, and a appreciation for the middle class, and its something that I admire.

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