Sunday, October 03, 2004
End of Nebraska blogging for a while....
My final thoughts on Nebraska, the great state and great people. The debates seemed to energize the democrats of Nebraska. I was in Kearney getting gas, and a quick Wendy's dinner.

I walked into the gas station, there stood a man around 6'5" tall African American asking two scraggly looking gentleman why they supported Bush. One of these two gents was buying a money order to send some money home to his wife in Omaha. Approximately 130 miles away. This convenience store clerk made a point that sunk in with me. He said " when Clinton was in the only money orders I processed were for people to pay their bills, now with that idiot Bush, I hear people say that they are sending money to their wives in Nevada and California."

One of these gentlemen said "well everything changed after September 11th." The clerk said, "Sir you tell me what changed, besides you working outside your home after the 11th of September for you as a man?" I am standing ther dumbfounded by this. My mind is cheering him on " Give him hell brother."

The clerk looks at me.... He says "Who are you supporting for president?" I answer "Senator John Forbes Kerry" The clerk says "yea man, we got to get it through these people's heads that we are not better off than we were." I smile and give him a slight nod.

The clerk then tells me that he was a computer programmer before the current administration shipped his job to India." I tell him that " I too have been jobless and that if we elect Senator Kerry that hope is on the way. He gives me a look... and says "Brother I hope so, I am broke now, just imagine what this administration would bring in four more years." I knew instantly that I had found a friend. I wished him the best and left him with a Kerry - Edwards bumpersticker.

That was my gas station experience in Nebraska along Interstate 80. As any of you know that have travelled the road 80 merges with Interstate 76 at Julesburg Colorado. I took 76 or the southern route. I got off I -76 at Fort Morgan, CO. No gas station, no big deal. The next town was called Last Chance, CO. I figured, must be the last chance to get gas. Wrong. I made it to Last Chance, CO. If there is a gas station, I did not see it. At this point I am 35 miles from Fort Morgan and 35 miles from Limon, CO. My fuel guage is below E. Well, god hates a coward. I am making it pretty well, until I go to pass a semi truck that is running under the speed limit.

I hit my accelerator pedal and feel my headlights dim.

First thought is "Oh fuck" Second thought is "I am out of gas on a two lane road in the wrong lane on a pretty deserted highway." So, the truck gets by me and I get it pulled over to the side of the road. No traffic. I sit their half crying at my own stupidity, half laughing, so I am at a quandry. 17 miles to Limon, CO. 10:00 pm, 40 degrees. Do I walk? Do I make camp in the back seat? Do I throw something? I sit for a while... in the front seat.

About 30 minutes later a group of kids going from Texas to Montana sees me. Stops. Gives me a ride to town, I get gas, gives me a ride back out. I filled their tank, and gave them $40.00. I had enough gas to get to Limon, got in filled up and headed to Colorado Springs.

Ended up being so wound up from the whole deal that I drove on to Pueblo, got some sleep, and then made it home Saturday at 1:00 pm. My parents called and were having a party for me getting my second bachelors of business administration at their house. I went, had a few too many drinks, and now I am here.

What did I gain from this? A keen paranoia of always looking at gas guages, a great party, and a hangover this morning.

FYI - In case anyone cares my degrees are BBA - Marketing and BBA - Management. Now I am working on my MBA and have been for about a month.

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