Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Follow up on "I wanna be sedated"
Read this first if you have not

Last night as I was getting home, I saw one of the little old ladies that lives in my apartment complex had fallen down on the asphalt. I parked went over and helped Ms. M. up. Then I helped her to her apartment. I waited with her while we waited for the emergency personnel to arrive.

She told me a little more about my sleepwalking experience the other night. I guess I was power walking around the outside of the building at a high rate of a speed bare footed in my boxer shorts. I walked around according to her 7 or 8 times, that to my calculations is about 3/8 of a mile. Maybe I was exercising.

If you have ever been around older people you know that some of them have a hard time sleeping. Thus was the case that night. Last year for Christmas I bought, as a gesture of goodwill and because I am new to the apartments (only been there three years) I bought the ladies 2 way radios or as Ms. M. Calls them walkee talkees. That night my purchase came back to bite me in the ass. As I walked in my sleep, the ladies would give updates on where I was.

Then I disappeared into the lobby, and they were the ones that woke me up. I guess Lady C. Tickled my feet, as I slept on the lobby couch. Then I stirred and 8 80 year old ladies ran out high fiving each other.

I knew none of this until last night, while waiting for the medics to arrive for Ms. M. I was told that story in her living room. I suppose she could be making it up. But she knew more about it than I did. She even told me of my fall into some bushes and why my hands were scratched. Then she told me that I was blushing.

I have no doubt that I was blushing, but as LA Lady said, I was there TV for an hour. I guess that is a one of the weirdest things I have ever done. I wonder, do I sleep walk often? If so, what are my routines?

As the medics arrived Ms. M.'s house and I walked up stairs I realized. I could not make this stuff up if I tried. I told LA Lady this story and she laughed at me. I guess though at that point I was laughing too.

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