Thursday, October 07, 2004
I wanna be sedated.... the worst night of my life
Comments welcomed and appreciated -

Last night was weird. I started the evening by going to Wal Mart after work. I was purchasing a home kit for my XM satellite radio. The one which I bought so that I could listen to Bob Edwards. I pay for my items and leave, I have full intention of going to the gym or home. One of my friends called and asked me to come have dinner at 3 Rivers Brewery. So, I go.

There at the bar sits the Legendary Dish Breaker, to read that story click here and follow up is here. So needless to say I have to avoid that area.

I guess I was not in that social of a mood, so I sat at the end of the table quietly. That is a rarity for me. LA Lady and I are having text message tension, so I just give up. Then she gets sweet again. I decide to go home and talk to her. Talking to her from a bar, while I watch people shoot pool is not working.

So, I go home. I do not know what changed from the day before but something did. She is defensive and almost hateful.

I give up, say "fuck it," I go to bed, waking up somehow in the lobby of the apartments, I live in, on the couch. I am wearing boxer shorts, and a tanktop, I have no recollection of going down there. I have sleep walked two other times in my life, and to be honest it is a scary thing. I do not know where I had been, nor what I had done. I think it is stress.

What a revelation this morning, I somehow screwed up with LA Lady, I have no idea where I sleepwalked to. My feet were dirty from the asphalt. I saw Dish Breaker again, and she still scares the bejesus out of me.

What should I do? Should I try to make up with LA Lady? Should I give up on her? Should I have asked Dishbreaker for dishes. Should I pack my car, quit my job, and move to somewhere else?

Yes I know there are two sides to every story and that I probably deserved LA Lady's treatment. Who knows at this point I am tempted not to care. I could always go back to dating republicans. Yes that is a joke, I liked K but not in that way.

I am sorry for offending LA Lady, if I did. But as those crazy French say "Se la vi, se la guer." Literal interpretation is Such is life, such is war. We as Americans have changed or bastardized that into the expression "All's fair in love and war."

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