Tuesday, October 05, 2004
It's all in the sandwich....
A new study helps you pick which sandwich to eat for what occasion. Does anyone know where I can buy figs this time of the year?

CHOOSING the right sandwich can help you get ahead in the office, recover from a hangover or even perform better in bed.

Dr John Stanley, a lecturer at Oxford University, applied science to sandwiches to help provide the body with nutrients for different situations.

For example, he suggests eating a chicken tikka and mango salsa sandwich before a business meeting to stay alert.

An apple and peanut butter filling ideal before a gym workout.

Figs and honey produce an aphrodisiac sandwich when added to ricotta cheese and orange.

A toasted chocolate and banana sandwich is said to cure a hangover.

The final sandwich - smoked turkey with cream cheese - guarantees a good night's sleep.

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