Sunday, October 03, 2004
Latest national security threat....protesting nuns with swinging hammers
Maybe it is me but leave the nuns alone, make them do community service. Do not send nuns to prison...jeebus.

Lawyers for three pacifist nuns sent to prison for causing minor damage at a Weld County missile silo told an appeals court in Denver today that the women should not have been convicted of sabotage because they did not impair national defense.

In a pouring rain outside the courthouse, a group of supporters held a banner reading, "They shalt beat their swords into plowshares. Nations shall learn no more war."

The nuns were convicted by a federal jury in April sabotaging the national defense and damaging government property. The nuns cut a fence and walked onto a Minuteman III silo site in October, swinging hammers and using their blood to paint a cross on the structure.

Platte received three years and five months, Hudson 2 1/2 years and Gilbert two years, nine months. All were given three years of supervised probation.

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