Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Nicki McRoberts' mission and link to pics
Nicki McRoberts decided to pile on the pounds after becoming sick of magazine photos of stick-thin models. When she started binging a year ago she weighed just 10st. Now Nicki, from Ontario, Canada, is 25st, has a 52-inch bust, 64-inch hips and her upper arms are 22 inches around. She consumes around 14,000 calories per day.

I am against what Nicki is doing. I believe that a person can do what they want with their body, but to kill yourself or at the minimum run the risk of adverse health conditions to prove a point to me is well, quite pointless.

According to my figures, Nicki should consume 5,110,000 calories this year. If she continues to eat at this pace, she will consume in 5 years 25,550,000 calories, ten years she will consume 51,100,000.

The average male lives to be 72 years old. In his lifetime he will consume (based on a 2000 calorie per day average) 52,560,000 calories. This would take Nicki 10 years and 27 days. The average female lives to be 78 years old and based on 2000 calorie per day formula will consume 56,940,00 calories in her lifetime. This amount of calories will be consumed by Nicki in 11 years and 1 and 1/2 month. I just thought that I would give my Nicki McRoberts fans a little perspective. Click on links below for more Nicki information.





Nicki (Picture included) click on vh1 obsessed then photos she is 12 or 13 of 15.

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