Friday, October 08, 2004
Nicki McRoberts
This morning alone Google has led 63 people to this site searching for Nicki McRoberts information. I am more than glad to keep all the Nicki fans intune with what is happening that I can find on the news.

VH1 is running a special about Nicki.... to read about it click here
I originally mentioned Nicki here second time is here.

Here is some basic information on Nicki, and her quest to reach 42 stone or 600+ pounds.
Nicki McRoberts decided to pile on the pounds after becoming sick of magazine photos of stick-thin models. When she started binging a year ago she weighed just 10st. Now Nicki, from Ontario, Canada, is 25st, has a 52-inch bust, 64-inch hips and her upper arms are 22 inches around. She consumes around 14,000 calories per day.

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