Monday, October 04, 2004
Pizzle fizzles as China opts for sex drugs
Read this..... Fo Shizzel
The New Zealand deer pizzle trade is facing its stiffest test - the growing use of a Viagra substitute by Chinese men.

About 200,000 of the deer penises, complete with testicles, are sent to China from New Zealand each year.

"For a long time men believed that the larger the pizzle, the stronger their own would be," says Murray Hamer, Oriental trade manager for the Alpine Deer Group, based in Wanaka.

But the market, mainly in the north of China, is gradually reducing. "The belief in the sexual vigour of pizzles is slowly dying out. Modern Chinese men believe they don't work. They have turned to the Chinese version of Viagra and are getting results."

Frozen pizzles are sent to China, dried and sold in four grades - under 10 inches (25.5 centimetres), 10-12in, 12-14in and more than 14in. Colour, length, circumference and weight are all important. In some cases they can be as long as 20in, but most are 12 to 14in, with a circumference of a 50-cent coin.

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