Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Why Jess can not date Republicans....
I went out last night with a group of friends some old, some new. Amongst this group was K from Texas. K is a beautiful kindergarten teacher with green eyes that a man can get lost in. She was up here to see some friends of hers, the way it worked out it was all couples, and I was matched with K.

The night started out quite well, I arrived to find the group including K sitting at the bar at the restaurant. I sat down ordered a Jim Beam Black on the rocks and made small talk. The TV in the bar was on Comedy Central and the Daily Show came on. This is my favorite program, so I engaged K in conversation about it.

This is where the problem first arose and I quote K "Jesse, I can not understand why you like a man that would say such things of our great president." My mouth falls open. Jesse "Well K, it is simple he is stating the truth." K "Jesse, are you going to vote for President Bush?" Mouth still open thinking this had to be one of the dumbest questions I have ever heard. J "I think I am voting for the other one."

Then there was awkward silence. I turned the conversation to teaching, being that I once thought of being a teacher. We made pleasentries about students, other teachers etc. All the while I am thinking, no Jess, do not let her sweet little southern accent fool you, she is not your type.

The evening progressed, politics did not come up until the end, when out of the blue she gave me Karl Rove's talking points in detail. I thanked her for the nice time, gave her a goodnight kiss and was walking away. She said "you know Jesse, we could continue this conversation at your house." I said "I believe that would go against Bush's abstinence policy." Gave her a slight smile and walked to my car. I headed toward the casa, and my Kerry - Edwards signs.

I arrived at home to find that my mind kept drifting toward K. What was so wrong with a republican? Then my cell phone vibrated in my pocket it was her. She told me that she had a nice evening and thanked me for it. I thanked her as well. She asked if her being a Republican had really deterred me from going further with her. I told her the truth. That her party affiliation really did not bother me, that plenty of intelligent Republicans were supporting Kerry, or anybody but Bush. I then told her that she was a beautiful girl, but that to date someone we must have things in common. I did not feel as though we did.

She asked me about the lady in LA. I told her that we were friends, but yes I did have feelings for her, maybe that was the reason, yet K just did not seem right.

I guess, it is petty of me not to look past her support for Bush, I am sure she is a great person. She takes care of her students.... (I wonder how that No Child Left Behind Act is treating her) She is a good daughter, and good friend to many including me, but to date her is not something that is in the books.

There you have it.... Why Jess will not date a Republican

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