Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Conversations with a co-worker volume 1
CW - Good morning
Jess - Yes, it is.
CW - Sometimes Jess, I do not feel like you like me.
Jess - What would give you that impression?
CW - The fact that you often go the long way around to avoid my office.
Jess - (shocked... Who would have thought he was that astute?) No, I just need to get more exercise, I go to the gym, but I feel as though those extra steps that I take to go the long way, when I am around here really are helping me to stay physically fit.
CW - Oh, maybe I will start doing the same thing.
Jess - Yes, it helps you to stay in shape, live longer, etc.
CW- Right, maybe you should start getting some more sleep.
Jess - OK, I will take that under advisement.
CW- Are you traveling any this week?
Jess - Yeah, I think I am going south tomorrow night.
CW - I have to go to Wyoming.
Jess - I feel for you, (looking for a way out)
CW - Yeah (sighs deeply) Wyoming is not fun.
Jess - Especially not this time of the year.
CW -Yeah, my life sucks
Jess - (Thinking about starting to enter and exit my office through the window to avoid him) I'm sorry, but the good thing about Wyoming this time of year is that you appreciate the hotel hot tub more.
CW - Indeed, but I need trunks.
Jess - Target sells them, oh damn... My phone is vibrating in my pocket, I have to take this call, talk to you later.
CW - alright man.

It is not that I do not like him, it is just that everything is a problem and or catastrophe, I can only take so much of the pity party attitude.

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