Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Conversations with people who I do not know, but seem to know me volume 1.
Conversation that took place today at Chili's during lunch between some girl and myself.

Some Girl - Hey Jess (Hugging me)
Jess - Hey, how are you?(Blank look on my face I am told)
SG - Good, I haven't seen you in a while.
Jess - Yes, it has been a while now, I have been traveling a lot for work. You look good, have you been working out?
SG-Yes, quite a bit. Does it really show.
Jess - (Still not knowing who she is) Well you looked good before, but now you look even better.
SG - You are a sweetie.
Jess - Well, don't tell anyone I have a bad reputation to uphold.
SG - I see you are still the same, you always could make me laugh.
Jess - Hmm, well thanks.
SG - Does my hair look better this way?
Jess - It is different, but good. (good god man, someone help me.)
SG - Well, you look good. Have you been working out?
Jess Some, I have gotten lazy lately.... The cable lineup kicks ass and all you know.
SG - (laughing) Jess, you don't watch much TV and never have.
Jess - (how the hell does she know this?) Yeah, you caught me there.
SG - Well it was nice seeing you again. See ya in two years.
Jess - Well ok...
My buddy - You had not a clue who she was did you?
Jess - Nope, none at all.
Waitress - Water with lemon Jess?
Jess - Yes, Annette do you know that girl?
CW - No, but she comes in here some, Why, do you know her?
Jess - No, but she seems to know me.
MB - He has no clue who he is let alone who anyone else is.

SG - Some Girl
MB - My buddy
CW - Chili's waitress

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