Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Another Arkansas Hottie! (Besides Me Of Course!)
My girl Stacey was telling me about this really sweet, smart, and artistically talented girl she went to college with. Here is her email:

"This is a girl that i was in some of the same art classes with at UAM. Krisi was a cheerleader, and involved in other campus/student activities, a talented artist and she is a really genuinely sweet person. So, watch her on Jan. 5th, NBC, on that sports illustrated model search show. I seriously hope that she wins. Please vote for her!"

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search

And may I just say that she makes me feel like an ugly, fat troll! I'm still going to vote for her because she's so dang cute! Bonus points to my new fiance (that's weird to say that) for saying she needed a little meat on her bones. Aw!

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