Monday, December 27, 2004
Breaking: Bin Laden tape urges Iraqis to boycott election
From Fox
Of course he does not want the Iraqis to vote, to me this is a no brainer.

I know the right wingers will say that this is proof that the war on Terror is indeed in Iraq. My response to them is... If you are camping in the woods and throw out enough food eventually the bears will smell it and come to you.

I know the leftwingers will say that this means absolutely nothing, well in my opinion it is signifigant. It proves that yes Bin Laden is alive, that yes he is now working with Al Zarqawi and that they communicate through coconut telephones.

It means that to some of the extremist islamists that their man told them not to vote, now they do not have to think about it, they can just watch the polling results on CNN. It means that for a group of fence sitters that the decision has been made for them.

Does this effect the average iraqi? I doubt it. Just my two cents.
H/T Protein Wisdom

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