Sunday, December 26, 2004
A Christmas story - Tales from the Road
As I have mentioned before, I hate getting gas. I can not say why,yet I do.

Yesterday while driving back from Las Vegas I ran out of gas. I was on Interstate 40 between Ash Fork and Williams Arizona, My low fuel light was on but I thought "No biggie, get gas in Williams." Climbing the hill I started to feel power loss, now this would scare most people but not I, I guess I have been there too many times.

I get pulled over take my emergency gas can and set out walking. I was at mile marker 151. I saw a station a mile or two back, no biggie I will walk. I walk the two miles back to exit 149 or Monte Carlo Road see a gas station, ah yes, we are golden. Get to the gas station only to find that it was closed, with no card lock.

I can see the sign another mile or so up for another exit and walk to it. I don't know what was up there but I know it was not a gas station or for that matter anything else. By this point I am near mile marker 147. I start seeing signs for a Mobil gas station at exit 146. I get to this exit, but alas the two stations are closed, no card lock at either one.

I have the start of what can only be described as fear when this nice young couple in a Mercury Cougar with a Latinos for Kerry bumper sticker pulls up, asks if I am alright. I tell them that I ran out of gas a few miles up the road, but that all the stations are closed. The gentleman says to get in, and that we will find gas. I load up thanking them and my lucky stars, we find a station about three miles up the road that is open, I fill my gas can and thank them. They both insist that I get in the car and they will take me back to mine. I do.

On the way back, I ask them if they drink whiskey, the gentleman says yes, he does but rarely buys it for himself. I take mental note. We make it back to my vehicle, I ask them to hang on for a second, run up to my vehicle give them one of my Crown Royal gift sets, and thank them again. I ask, in closing what their names are, so I can write about it in my blog.

Can you guess what they were? Come on now it's christmas. Ok, Ok it was Jesus and Stephanie. Now, I am not saying I believe, but Jesus, come on now, what are the odds? For all my readers unfalmiliar with the spanish language, Jesus is pronounced Hay Suse, but I gotta believe that I was the subject of a little christmas miracle.

Maybe, just maybe Jess needs to go to church today. Maybe, I need to fill my gas can a little more often too. I dunno just thought I would share with all the LOSLI readers and get your take. Yes, this is a true story, and by the way Merry belated Christmas. To all of you.

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