Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Conversations with clerks volume 4
At local gas station -

Gas Station Clerk - Will that be all?
Jess - Yes sir, just some gum today.
GSC - That stuff will make your teeth fall out.
Jess - (Looking at snuff ring in clerks pocket) They say so will chewing tobacco.
GSC - I don't have to worry I have dentures.
Jess - Wow, that way works too. Do you soak them nightly?
GSC - What?
Jess - Soak them in denture cleaner you know, like an "Efferdent" or something?
GSC - Only now and then
Jess - Interesting
GSC - Do you think it is?
Jess - Yes, I brush my teeth twice daily, I figured that dentures were similar, that a person would want to wash them daily.
GSC - Hmm, I didn't brush my teeth daily when I had them.
Jess - Well, to each their own.
GSC - Do you like Christmas?
Jess- I am a bit of a scrooge, I guess.
GSC - Yeah, me too. Matter of fact if they do not let me change the radio station soon I am going to take out the batteries.
Jess - Sounds like a plan, Christmas music should be played Christmas day only in my humble opinion.
GSC - Yeah, and that damn Santa display at the mall, if I see that fat bastard on the streets, it's on.
Jess - (Laughing) You are joking right?
GSC - No, he takes these near impossible orders from my kids, then I have to fill them.
Jess - I try to avoid the Santa Station at the mall.
GSC - Me too.
Jess- Well I would say Merry Christmas to you but I hate to set you off on another rant, so I will say "have a good one."
GSC - Merry Damn Christmas to you too.
Jess - Wow.
GSC - Yea, so. I hate Christmas, and to tell you the truth I hate Labor day too.
Jess - Yea, why is that?
GSC - You always have to work around the house on that day, kinda defeats the purpose of a work free holiday.
Jess - Man, you are funny.
GSC - See ya later braw.
Jess - Alright, as I used to always say, "Take it easy, take it cheap, take it anyway you can get it."
GSC - That's cool.

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