Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Conversations with clerks X5
Clerk: Are you looking for something?
Jess: Yes, whiskey
Clerk: It is only noon, a tad early don't you think?
Jess: Unless I am wrong, the law states that I can buy it from 7:00 am on.
Clerk: Yes, but it is a beautiful day, why do you need whiskey?
Jess: Lady, are you sure that it is mine? For all you know I could be buying it for other people.
Clerk: Not kids I hope.
Jess: Madame with all due respect how many kids do you know that like Crown Royal?
Clerk: None, but I have never asked.
Jess: The kids I buy for prefer Jim Beam.
Clerk: Are you serious?
Jess: Yes, one kid I know likes scotch but he is kind of weird.
Clerk: How so?
Jess: All his class mates told me, you know how those fourth graders gossip?
Clerk: (obviously confused silence)
Jess: Where is your Crown again?
Clerk: (Points to a display of Crown Royal gift sets.)
Jess: Thanks

The idiocy of this whole conversation was that I was buying whiskey for some customers of mine as Holiday presents, maybe I am an ass but I did not feel a need to justify my actions to her.

I really believe that she thinks I buy kids Jim Beam.

One less liquor store for Jess. Oh well.

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