Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Conversations with clerks X7
I was at Sam's buying some stuff for work and ran into my nemesis again. (I'd recommend you read the link first to get this.)

Jess: Hello Carole.( In a voice similar to the one Seinfeld used to greet the mailman Newman with.)
Carole: Hello Jess
Jess: See, my Sam's card is good enough for you to know me as when alcohol is not involved. Double standards. Mmm mmm mmm. Not good.
Carole: Are you ever going to let that go?
Jess: Not for a while.
Carole: your total comes to $122.97
Jess: leave it on my Sam's card.
Carole: Have a nice day.
Jess: Right.

I then proceeded out to the parking lot, was walking through the lot when some jackass backed into me, then saw what he had done and sped off. Have I told you lately how much I hate this pre-Christmas bullshit?

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