Saturday, December 25, 2004
Conversations with cops
Police officer: Do you know why I stopped you?

Jess: If I was guessing I would say my speed.

PO: You guessed right, whats your hurry?

Me: No hurry really

PO: Then why were you going so fast?

Me: I dunno, I guess I wasn't expecting you. I had my cruise set.

PO: Well, I was there and saw you, 90 is a little high for a cruise don't ya think?

Me: Yes, I noticed. Usually go at 85 but got brave I guess today, thought you would be unwrapping presents today.

PO: Didn't I stop you here about a month ago.

Me: To use police terminology, that is a 10-4.

PO: Did I not tell you to slow down?

Me: Yes, but I thought you would be eating christmas turkey today and the coast was clear.

PO: Hmm.

Me: You want all my drivers license stuff?

PO: Well yeah. Are you a slow learner or are just defiant?

Me: Probably a little of both.

PO: OK, well take this back. (Hands me license) and slow down.

Me: OK, where does your patrol district end?

PO: I won't tell you.

Me: Come on, I am just curious.

PO: Matter of fact, I think I will leave ahead of you, are you going to pass me?

Me: Only if you go under the speed limit.

PO: Merry Christmas Jess.

Me: Yes, Merry Christmas seargent, see you in a month or so?

PO: You are amazing. Yes, hopefully in a cafe, not on the side of the highway.

I then had to follow him for 35 miles at the speed limit, that is hard for me to do.

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