Saturday, December 04, 2004
Conversations with an exotic dancer volume 1
Hi everyone, just sticking my head in to say hello, and tell you about the conversation I had last night. PW and The LAL will continue to be your hostesses with the mostesses, I guess I am guest blogging this weekend. Take good care of them.

Last night, I went to a Cabaret in Phoenix, with a customer of mine, that we will call Mack. I have been to many of these places throughout my career, they work very well for entertaining certain clients.

We arrive, pay our entrance fee, find a table. The cocktail waitress comes by takes our order, I order an Amstel Light, Mack orders water, he enjoys the girls, I enjoy the booze. I am not trying to sound bad or anything, but the first time I went to one of these it was a thrill, now I have probably been 100 times give or take, so it is not a big thrill anymore to me.

Within 5 minutes he is getting a lap dance, then another, then another. I repeatedly turn down dancers when they offer me dances. Finally Mack sends one over to give me a lap dance. I thank him and grit my teeth silently. Here is the ensuing conversation.

Dancer - How are you tonight?
Jess - I get better all the time, and yourself?
Dancer - I am wonderful
Jess - That's good.
Dancer - So, what are you doing here?
Jess - Here for work, just like you.
Dancer - What do you do?
Jess - I work for a construction company.
Dancer - You building something in here? (Laughing)
Jess - Yes ma'am I am, a relationship with a customer.
Dancer - Your hands do not look like construction worker hands.
Jess - That is a line from "Goodfellas" isn't it?
Dancer - My favorite movie ever
Jess - A classic.
Dancer - What's your name?
Jess - Jess. What is yours?
Dancer - Denise
Jess - (laughing) yeah right.
Dancer - What you don't believe me?
Jess - No, I have been in enough of these places to know how the name thing works.
Dancer - Guess my name then.
Jess - Jennifer
Dancer - Close, but not quite there.
Jess - Jessica
Jessica - How did you know?
Jess - Just a guess.
Jessica - Jess you have really pretty eyes.
Jess - Thanks, So do you.
Jessica - You do not look like you are having fun, I see a little sadness in your eyes.
Jess- It's ok.
Jessica - You are a cutie.
Jess - Thanks, but I have a girlfriend.
Jessica - Is that who is calling your phone now?
Jess - Naw, she knows I am out for work, she understands and will not bother me.
Jessica - I feel your phone vibrating in your pocket.
Jess - Probably just some friends of mine, checking on me.
Jessica, you are the sweetest guy I have ever met. How do you do it?
Jess - (Laughing) A lot of nice guys come in here, I bet.
Jessica - Yeah, nice guys that try to get cheap thrills. You are different.
Jess- There is nothing cheap about coming in here.
Jessica - Yeah, you are right.
Jess - Just out of curiosity, how much money will you make tonight?
Jessica - Probably about $500 -$700
Jess - Wow, you do well.
Jessica - Yes I do. Smile baby.
Jess - I am, I am just smiling internally.
Jessica - Would you light my cigarrette?
Jess -Do you have any matches?
Jessica - Yes, I do. Here (handing me matches)
Jess - Here you go ma'am. (Lighting a match and holding it up to her cigarette.)
Jessica - (Inhaling smoke) Want my phone number?
Jess - I would love too, but no thanks.
Jessica - I guess you do not come in here to meet the girl of your dreams huh?
Jess - You are the girl of fantasies, but alas I have a girlfriend, and do not cheat.
Jessica - The first time I try to meet a guy in this place for real and he turns me down, how ironic.
Jess - I am sorry ma'am, but I do not want to lead you on, and there be nothing.
Jessica - Can I give you a hug?
Jess - Yes, you can, ah hell how about another lap dance? You are worth it.
Jessica - (Hugging me) you really are a sweetie.
Jess- Don't tell anyone, I have a bad reputation to uphold.
Jessica - I won't.
Jess - Thanks.
Jessica - You have a wit, that nobody I have ever met has.
Jess - I am sure that after god saw the mess I am, he got rid of that mold, may have even fired his mold supplier.
Jessica - Do you have any college degrees?
Jess - Yes, I have too. I have a BBA in Marketing, and a BBA in Management, actually I am working on my MBA now.
Jessica - I graduate this month with my degree in journalism.
Jess - Congratulations. That is great.
Jessica - Yes, but a very competitive field it will be hard to get a job.
Jess- Have you been saving your money?
Jessica - Yes, I bought a house in Scotsdale a couple of months ago.
Jess- Right on, that sounds great.
Jessica - I joke about writing the newsletter for here.
Jess - Do they have one?
Jessica - Maybe I could start one.
Jess - You are funny.
Jessica - Hey Jess, thanks for not being a pervert and hitting on me trying to do things most guys do. I actually enjoyed talking to you.
Jess - It has been fun. I like you too.

It was midnight, the song ended, the dance was over, she gave me a kiss on my cheek, and walked away. This morning when I woke up, I was looking for my cell phone in my jacket pocket and found a piece of paper with a note thanking me for the conversation, I had to smile, I think she is a very nice girl that has not yet been jaded by the cabaret scene. So, I hope Jessica does well whatever she may choose to do.

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