Monday, December 20, 2004
Conversations with George W. Bush's cowboy hat
Me: Wow, so you are the hat he wears when he wants to look tough.
Me: Are you scowling at me?
Me: Where did he buy you?
Me: Cold shoulder eh?
Me: Do you like Crawford?
Me: Is it true that you were purchased in an oil store?
Hat: Huh?
Me: You know they call Bush the "oil store cowboy?"
Hat: Listen man, I am custom made for him, they don't make hats like me every day.
Me: A little touchy today eh?
Hat: Are you leaving yet?
Me: I can tell when I am not welcome. I thought your man was uniter.
Hat: Only idiots listen to Karl Rove.
Me: Your man does though, right?
Hat: Hence the point, fuck face.

Inspiration from DFNM*

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