Friday, December 31, 2004
Conversations with "Spanish on the Move" CD
Me: Damn you all to hell Marta Gomez.
CD: Mi nombre es Marta Gomez, yo vivo en sonora y trabajo en cuidad de mexico. es claro?
Me: Slow down honey....
CD: (incoherent spanish rambling)
Me: Slow down
CD: Me llamo es Arturo Moreno
Me: Great. Another one, where the hell did you come from?
CD: Soy dentista, y doctor.
Me: Did you just say your a doctor and dentist? No wonder you are making cds, you must have a helluva lot of student loans eh Artie?
CD: Hola Marta, es Arturo. Como estas?
Me: Ignore me all you want Artie, I have you figured out.

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