Monday, December 06, 2004
Fo Shizzell!! conversations with my boss volume 1
In case you had not noticed, I like to mess with people. Today I found a new way to mess with my boss, throw out street terminology at him and watch his reaction. The funny part about this is that I am as white as a snowlake.

Boss - Good Morning Jess.
Jess - Fo Shizzell.
Boss - (Looking kinda puzzled) How was Phoenix?
Jess - It was off the hook.
Boss - Is that good?
Jess - Straight up.
Boss - Did you get the alliance agreement ready?
Jess - Yeah dawg, I am straight up done. Took some slaving.
Boss - You are quite entertaining today.
Jess - I feel ya.
Boss - I like your shirt.
Jess - My threads are sick and all but your doing ok over there yourself. Ya got some pimp jeans on I see.
Boss- Yeah, glad you noticed.
Jess - They are tight.
Boss - Oh damn, you can be entertaining at times. You crack me up.
Jess- Aight then.

The poor guy walked away confused. I later told him that I just enjoy his reaction when I speak that way to him. I heard him asking another guy if he thought his presentation was "clean?" What a way to start a Monday off, at least everybody was laughing.

Fo Shizzell.....

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