Tuesday, December 21, 2004
An interesting way to spend a Tuesday afternoon...
Yes, I know this is juvenile, so go ahead and lecture me in comments if you want.

If you happen to live in an area which a lot of industrial activity goes on, then you will notice how wide load trucks are escorted by vehicles with flashing lights, to clear the road so to speak. These vehicles belong to truck escort companies, or escorts for short.

Spend a Tuesday afternoon calling all of these companies in your best pervert voice, and asking them about their girls. Example of such conversation below.

Escort Company Lady: Hello XYZ escorts may I help you?
Jess: Hi, yeah, I was wondering about your escorts.

ECL: Yes, like cost, or what?

Jess: Yeah, cost, you know sizes, all that jive.

ECL: Well we start off at...

Jess: Cost doesn't matter really. What are the girls measurements? I want a hot one ya know?

ECL: Pardon me.

Jess: You know sizes and such.

ECL: Huh.

Jess: I am very picky about my girls,. I like brunettes, definetly an ass man.

ECL: I think you are mistaken, we escort trucks.

Jess: I had a truck but the old lady took it in the divorce.

ECL: We do not provide call girls.

Jess: Righto, I am not looking for a call girl I want an escort. You know one that I can take out dancing and the likes, you know foreplay. A call girl just comes strips down and it is over, you know wam bam thank you Sam.

ECL: I think you are mistaken on our services we help transport wide loads.

Jess: Are you saying the girls are heavy set?


Jess: Hello

ECL: Are you joking?

Jess: I am as serious as a heart attack.

ECL: I have to go. ( Hangs up)

Jess: Hello, hello.

* A word of advice if you are going to do this block your number so that it does not show up on caller ID*

Yes, I know it is childish but I guess being in the office has bored me to this point, Why not work? Well, I have prank calls to make.

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