Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Love affair
I have a love affair with shoes, I own 50 plus pairs. I am not sure why, but yet I own them anyway. I have a favorite pair which are my flip flops, They are about 3 years old and I have been accused of truly loving them. They have been the cause of more than one breakup with young ladies.

So what is my point? The temperature is 18 degrees in the high desert, and what am I wearing as I barbecue? My flippers, a UVA hoodie, a parka, my beanie or stocking cap for my older readers.

I have worn them through snow storms in Williams Arizona, to the 120 degree heat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, they are like a faithful companion that does not bark or complain at me.

I love my flip flops, but sometimes I wonder if I love them too much? Is there such a thing as too much flip flop love?

Why in the world is my dumb ass barbecuing in December in flip flops?

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