Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Men are kinda funny sometimes...
On my way to work this morning I happened to notice the man in the van in front of me making extreme tongue flicking (aka porn tongue) faces at the lady in the car next to him. Perhaps he figured since he was so high up and on the opposite side of the van, she wouldn’t see him doing his Gene Simmons impression. I’m sure he momentarily forgot that he didn’t have tinted windows and the rest of the world could actually see him doing this. I don’t know if the lady saw it or not but I looked toward the right and the nice gentleman in the Audi next to me was laughing hysterically and then noticed I was laughing with him and just shook his head. It reminded me of the time I was stuck at a dead stop on I-25 in the middle of the summer with my window down and the guy next to me informed me he’d like to feel my hair on his balls.

The real question is… does this approach actually work?

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