Sunday, December 05, 2004
Most profound line(s) in a long time....
The whole post is astounding.
When I was a little older, I remember goofing off at a friend’s farm. We were on inner tubes in the cattle wallow in early summer when a flatbed trailer pulled onto the farm. My friend’s father came out and talked with the guy for a while. My friend got dressed and went over to see what was happening. His father calmly walked over to the barn and drove his new John Deer out of the barn and up onto the flatbed. As he walked away, there were tears in his eyes—and I had seen him at his father’s funeral with a stoic look on his face. In hindsight, I know that his tractor had been repossessed, and he had experienced a major failure and public humiliation that most of us can’t imagine. That’s an underdog.

Thanks, Ralph. OK, you boys and girls, if you never read anything I link to, make an exception. You need this, I certainly did.

So today, I’m thinking of underdogs, but not of the Buffs. Somehow, I think in the last twenty years America has changed. We used to be a country that rooted for the underdog. Now, we feel the need to pile on the loser. If somebody isn’t doing well, they are losers—and there’s nothing worse in this country today than being a loser. We cheer those with clout, rooting them on to get more and more. We misplace our frustrations on sports, demanding our team win. We’ve forgotten who the real underdogs are. Maybe we need to go back and read some of Royko’s columns to remind us.

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