Tuesday, December 28, 2004
My first goose hunting experience
I went goose hunting yesterday. It was a work thing, I took customers out into the country down to the river and we hunted.

We walked along the river bank the three of us, then heard the distinct calling geese make. We crept slowly around a rock outcropping, they started calling the geese with their calls, the geese squall was getting louder, the whispers of anticipation were growing. The calling continued, we moved closer. The calls were increasing in volume and number, the excitement was intense, I could feel my heart beating up into my throat.

We then turned a corner in the river and saw them....

4 goose hunters returning every call we made, 4 goose hunters looking shocked to see us come around the corner. 4 goose hunters that looked a little pissed, then frustrated, and finally started laughing. We all laughed, what else could we do? We probably looked like 4 highschool kids, telling stories about the girls. I guess you could say we formed a bond of friendship on the banks of the Animas River.

I know, I know some of you may say "Jess goes hunting? No effing way." But, I even wore camouflage.

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