Wednesday, December 29, 2004
A note from the Designer:


The site design is complete. The extensive list of hyperlinks have been turned into handy-dandy drop down lists. The code for them, as well as the mouseover links found at my site, can be modified from the codes found at

As you can tell, I'm not the best web developer out there. I am, however, probably the cheapest web developer in the market...other than free. If you or anyone you know would like me to do for your site what I did for Jesse's I'm as cheap as 20 bucks. I'll do my best to satisfy requests with my limited skills. If you'd like me to make your site pretty like LOSLI you can e-mail me here.

Also, If anyone wants a gmail account I've got six (6) to hand out. Remember, just like fast cars, chicks dig gmail.

-Jeremy Bol-
American Warmonger

Go get a new design... Jeremy rocks.
Jess ( I bumped it up and may do so again so look below for new shiznit.)

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