Thursday, December 23, 2004
Open letter to Eminem from Arthur Johnson in accounting
Dear Mr. Inem,

I love the song "Encore." I give a shout out to all my people on the left and all my people on the right as well. They be screaming all the time, when I'm in the house.

Why do you wear a stocking cap in July? I tried it, but to be honest I looked right on the hook. My wife is mad at me for trying to be like you. She is always sayin things like "Arthur, you are 52 year old accountant, pull up your pants."

She just don't understand us. You know pimpin aint easy. I now call myself Artie to the Jizzell Dawg. I am straight up tight. I am going to buy a black hoody soon, I think it will help to hide my gut.

Let's get together and maybe bowl a little bit, or scam some trick ass punks, I am ready, just holla dawg, that shit would be clean... Fo Shizzell. Well Doris my wife is coming so I best be checking you later fool. The world is filled with pimps and hoes, Iam just talking about those I knows....

Artie to the Jizzell Dawg.

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