Monday, December 13, 2004
Please, just don't talk to me...
After eating mass amounts of steak and potatoes on Sunday, the boyfriend and I went back to his truck (yes, he's a trucker and I'm becoming a redneck). I had driven to dinner because The Texas Roadhouse probably wouldn't look highly on an 80 foot vehicle parked in their lot. Anyway... once we returned to the truck stop we took a detour inside to use the facilities... and that's when it happened. I encountered a crazy lady in the bathroom.

Bathrooms freak me out… and not even for the obvious germ issues. They freak me out because people insist on talking to me in there. Why? I don’t need to have a conversation while I’m peeing. End of story.

Before I went in I noticed this questionable looking group of folks playing with some sort of dancing animal. I notice weird shit okay… leave me alone. At any rate I’m in my stall minding my own business when I hear the door open and this woman talking. At first I thought she was talking to a companion but I quickly figured out that she was talking to herself. Um okay… we all do that from time to time. Not a biggie.

She gets comfortable right next to me (another pet peeve… there are 50 stalls in there. You can’t give me some space?) and then proceeds to start talking about this dancing dog in the lobby and I realized this woman was in fact talking to me. I can see the reflection of her hands vaguely in the stall doors because they were brushed steel and she was actually gesturing while asking me if I’d seen the damn thing. I managed to mumble some unintelligible negative response all the while thinking, “Man, I’m having enough trouble maintaining a decent hover over the toilet without worrying about having a conversation with you”.

We ended up at the sinks together and she acted as if I wasn’t even there. I even went so far as to say hi to her thinking I’d make up for my response whilst in the stall. No reaction and she seemed to look right through me. The lights were not on upstairs at that point. Grrrreeeeaaaat…. And that lady is driving a truck. Wonderful.

Have I mentioned I’m a little neurotic about public bathrooms?

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