Monday, December 06, 2004
Simple Pleasures.....
Last night after a few beers with a friend of mine at my place along with some fajitas I woke up quite parched (some may call it dehydrated but hey.) I arose from my bed walked through the house headed toward the fridge, opened the door looked inside. Nothing not even any bottled water. Now if you have ever had any tap water in New Mexico, you know why I did not opt for that.

So, I start looking through my cabinets, guided by the soft glow of blue Christmas lights, what do my eyes fall upon a brand new bottle of "Tang." I carefully opened it, poured some into my glass, put a couple of cubes of ice in and voila, I was 5 and had just come in from a day of playing and my mom made me some Tang, life was good.

Then I drained my glass, made three (3) more and drank them. I guess maybe it was the Tang that snapped me out of it, but I realized that I must get to bed, I was not 5 anymore, I was indeed standing in my kitchen in boxer shorts lit only by blue Christmas lights and that tomorrow was a work day.

I remember one time in a particularly depressed moment, I signed up for E-Harmony. I was asked the whole simple pleasures question and had no answer, now by god, I have my Tang but am not needing to answer that question. So, what do I do? I share it with my readers, all seven (7) of you.

I guess I found a simple pleasure in the form of Tang. Who'd have thunk it?

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