Monday, December 20, 2004
What is LOSLI?
I figured with all of this extra traffic we are getting as of lately, I would explain this blog to all of you. LOSLI is the acronym for Life or Something Like it. I guess I am google whore and wanted to be first, on search results so that is how the name came into existence.

How big of a blog are we?
Well according to one of my counters we average 150 unique visitors a day. According to the other one it is 100.

Why not cover more topics?
We have a lot of fun, sometimes we talk about politricks, sometimes we have conversations with clerks. We cover what we want to, not what we have to. I do not have press credentials nor do I want them. I talk about what interests me.

Rock Band
John-Paul from everythings ruined got me thinking. He asked if his blog was like REM before they released Document. Well, I guess we are kinda like the highschool garage band. We make a lot of noise until our big brother unplugs our amps.

Ralph called us "The best blog to read while drinking" We have been called funny but, who knows, we are who we are.

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